The virtual reconstruction

A virtual model to imagine the past

The creation of the virtual model on the computer has followed, step by step, the stages implemented for the real construction of the Nuraghe.

From the "sculpting" of the stones to the positioning in space one above the other, to the modeling of wooden log and to the generation of branches of foliage for the roofs of the village huts.

The result is a complete and complex model, made up of millions of polygons, allowing to obtain a high-impact realistic virtual reproduction.

Determine the current status

3D scans with laser scanners and aerial shots made it possible to precisely  digitize the current state of the archaeological site.

Observe and compare

By studying the material that emerged during the excavations and by analogy with other Nuragic sites, it is possible to hypothesize how the archaeological site looked like at the time of construction

Ideally rebuild

Under the guidance of an archaeologist and thanks to the use of a computer, a modeler was able to reconstruct the ideal model of the nuraghe, stone by stone.

How could the Nuraghe Diana appear 3 millennia ago?

The main unit

Analysing the archaeological site (in the parts which are still present) and from the comparison between this and other similar sites in terms of size, age and type, experts can reasonably affirm that the central Tholos of Diana would be imposing, at least 11-12 meters high.

The surrounding village

Along the external perimeter of the nuraghe, a considerable amount of lithoid material was found, due to collapses, a natural deposit which occurred over the centuries, and alleged subtraction and / or planivolumetric alteration of the original structure, which occurred during the use of the area as a military battalion.

During the last excavation campaign, close to the north-west side of the nuraghe, some residual stone wall bases relating to some huts were brought to light, one of which was found to be paved.

It has been ascertained the presence of a village next to the nuraghe and on the slopes of the hill. Probably the original nuragic village extended for over 100 meters surrounding the nuraghe.




It could be hypothesized that some huts were present in a 100-meters range surrounding the nuraghe

  • River

  • Nuraghe

  • Village

    It could be hypothesized that some huts were present in a 100-meters range surrounding the nuraghe

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