The sign of an
amazing civilization

The Nuraghe Diana is one of the countless archaeological sites by the sea, witnesses of the ability of the Nuragics to liaise with different peoples.

Nuraghe DIana

Christmas events

Guided tours, shows, readings, musical events, meetings with archaeologists and scholars. Didactic and collective study laboratories. Over 70 events for a summer season full of fun and culture in an enchanting setting.

at the center of Italian archaeology

Sardinia is the first region in Italy by number of archaeological sites (Istat, 2019). Out of 206 areas and 81 archaeological parks surveyed throughout Italy, 54 are located in the territory of Sardinia. This represents 18.4% of the overall total. This important record - even more relevant given that thousands of archaeological sites are not registered as such yet - is the result of a past that is still widely unknown and needs to be investigated.

The project intends to deepen the impressive commercial appeal of the Nuragic civilization, with particular reference to the nuraghi located near the coasts, starting from the Nuraghe Diana in the territory of Quartu Sant'Elena (Cagliari).

The nuraghi by the coast: the project in 3 steps


Digitize for the future
3D laser scans, photogrammetry and aerial shots to preserve a detailed digital copy of the archaeological site.


United we win
Definition of a nuraghi network to foster the integrated and shared promotion of several archaeological sites.


Share and communicate
A virtual journey discovering Sardinian archaeology and edutainment activities in the schools of the region.


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